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Event #5
Hosted by Herman Miller on Tuesday 26th April 2016

Liquid Talent
The workforce is facing a massive shift with 43% of the workforce expected to be freelance by 2020. Businesses need to start to harness the advantages of 'liquid talent' - a phrase used by Accenture in their recent insight report. How ready are you for this change?
Join us at our event where we will have Accenture plus two SME's successfully operating with a 'liquid' and agile workforce across the globe. What is working for them? What isn't? What do large and small businesses need to consider to prepare for this shift? 


Event #4
Hosted by Herman Miller on Wednesday 25th November 2015

The 'C word'... Culture
Company culture is a much talked about subject. Large companies emulate this throughout their business and the office is a core part of this. But as we move to new, agile and trust-based working practices we start to question the old norms of the 'office' being intrinsically linked to the 'culture'. What happens if you don't have an office? Are these two things inextricably linked? Does one need the other?

Event #3
hosted by Herman Miller on Tuesday 14th July 2015

'Pecking Order' - exploring the alternatives to command and control: At #3 we will discuss how self managing organisations can work and we will take a look at the subject of 'Holocracy'. Does it work? Is it a fad? What do you think? How would you decide? And how might you deploy inside your organisation?

We will open up the discussion to you all to see if together, we can define some actionable takeaways that we can all take back to our own world of work - whether you are in large organisation or a small one.

Event #2
hosted by Herman Miller on Wednesday 13th May 2015

Desperately seeking….. agility and trust: What are the conditions necessary to ensure that organisations and people can work effectively on a 'trust and results' rather than 'command and control' (presenteeism) basis?

Join us for a new format based on your feedback.