#2 - Desperately seeking… agility & trust
May 15

#2 - Desperately seeking… agility & trust

What are the conditions necessary to ensure that organisations and people can work effectively on a 'trust and results' rather than 'command and control' (presenteeism) basis?

During this panel and networking event we will explore what works…and what doesn't and some food for thought on the trends and drivers that make it a business imperative to re-consider the 'working 9-5' historical norm in what is now a highly networked and agile, global talent pool. 

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#1 - Kick off event
Feb 18

#1 - Kick off event

We all share an interest, professionally and personally in human centred workpaces so we are delighted to launch our informal networking group that will meet for drinks and conversations bi-monthly to enable us all to broaden our conversations, think creatively and share our learnings. We will make work better - for everyone.

At each event there will be 3/4 speakers who will share their experience and knowledge in changing work as we know it - be that within an agency, small start up or large corporate.

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