Our house rules

We are interested in YOUR story not where you work or the HR policy there.
We want people to share stories of what they are doing differently in their organisation and what they are learning. We want to know what is working and what is not - so our house rules are very simple:

1. Be vulnerable

2. Don’t  sell

3. Do share


Who will be leading the pack?


Emma Sexton
Founder of Make Your Words Work™
Creator of @AHeteroApproach
Creator of @FlockGlobal
Ex-Director of SheSays

Emma spent 7 years as the Director of SheSays (the largest global creative network for women) and discovered that the world of work needed to be redesigned to solve the gender and diversity issues. Through her own research and by setting up her business to operate differently she soon realised that you can run a business differently and make it better for everyone.


Vicky Grinnell-Wright
Founder of Eight Plates Consul
ting and HumanSmart Workplaces
Vicky’s passion for workplace innovation stems from her own experiences and her work with people and organisations for whom the current models are not creating the best win-win outcomes, attracting or retaining the best talent, or delivering positive impact to the brand or bottom line: Her work is based upon crafting ‘future fit’ organisations with true, heart and mind-felt innovation - an exciting and overdue opportunity for people and organisations.

Vicky currently lectures on Behaviour Change, Personal Sustainability and Authentic Leadership at Cambridge – Programme for Sustainability Leadership and also in 2015 lecturing at Ashridge,  AMSR programme.



There will be no twitter handle as we want as many people as possible to join us in the conversation. Please use #AHTRW on your relevant twitter posts.

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